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About KGS Systemer as

Business Concept

 KGS Systemer AS ("LTD.") will supply flexible and good solutions for electronic measuring and control systems based upon use of PCs.

 Use of PCs for measuring and controlling within industry is increasing, and our products are designed for rugged use within the industrial environment. The combination of PC, flexible and user-friendly software and precise sensors, data collection modules and control systems are the tools of the future, both for industrial automation, building automation, laboratories, and general monitoring purposes.

 Our products will be based upon high-quality components, and we will always endeavour to deliver the optimal solution for our client.  By optimal solution, we mean here proper performance at the right price.  KGS Systemer AS will not only be a component supplier, but will use its competence to offer its customers a turn key solution that suits the customer's requirements and solves his problems in a cost-effective way.


 KGS Systemer AS has employees who, together, have a very far-reaching competence.  Backed by our chosen suppliers, we will be able to solve most of the challenges within electronic measuring and control.  In addition, we will keep ourselves updated in the developments within our special field, so that our customers can participate in the exciting developments our field is in.


 Our vision is that KGS Systemer AS will, at all times, use its competence for the customers' best.  In this way, we will seek to achieve a close co-operation wherein we can have a steady dialogue with our customers in order to achieve the best solutions.  We believe that it is in everyone's best interests when the supplier and customer trust each other.  In this way, we will build up competence, both with customers and with ourselves internally, which will be favourable for all parties in the next round.

 Quality Assurance

 KGS Systemer AS thinks quality assurance on a daily basis, and we endeavour to follow strict quality requirements.  We have consciously chosen to collaborate with suppliers who are ISO-9002 certified.  Our goal is to be able to achieve ISO-9002 certification.  Naturally, our products have the approvals that are required in order to be sold in Norway, i.e., CE, NEMKO and others.




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